With your support, the S.A.L.A.M Studio is now up and running. Check the video below to see it in action!

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S.A.L.A.M Studio

SALAM Studios is our flagship media hub and core. In addition to an editing suit and multiple offices, a minimum of 6 sets are used to enunciate an effective narrative based on the context of the respected case:
  • The House: This set presents informal, casual discussions in the form of a casual familial setting, especially reaction videos and the like.
  • SALAMCast:Home of the SALAM’s leading podcast, this relatively new show- streamed on both Youtube and other audio platforms (such as Spotify, Soundcloud etc) has garnered much traction with popular, influential guests: such as Mufti Menk, Lauren Booth, Eddie Redzovic and many other esteemed guests.
  • Y-Files: The written academic publications (via SALAM Publications) are popularised in video format, predominantly by brother Ali Dawah and others, utilising the latest in videography to answer the most common misconceptions about Islam.
  • Knowledge Corner: The knowledge based show in which, principally, Islamic issues are addressed and discussed in a modern format.
  • The Green Screen: Used primarily for motion graphics, a number of different types of issues are addressed in this set, with multiple different formats.
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