S.A.L.A.M Initiative

24th February 2019

Muhammad (PBUH) And Madinah In The Bible

Muhammad (PBUH) And Madinah In The Bible     The main proof of Muhammad’s Prophethood, peace be upon him, is and forever will be the Glorious Qur’an […]
5th February 2019

S.A.L.A.M’s five key mission targets

SALAM Initiative represents a unique shift in the presentation of Islam in the 21st century. Social media has become an important tool used to engage, influence […]
12th January 2019

S.A.L.A.M International Dawah Trips

At S.A.L.A.M, our international work involves spreading Islam on a global scale. We have recently completed seminars and workshops in Turkey, Norway and Ghana teaching the […]
13th November 2018

The SALAMCast podcast

The S.A.L.A.M Team is pleased to announce that it has launched it’s brand new SALAMCast podcast. Home of the SALAM’s leading podcast, this relatively new show […]
12th August 2018

Statement from CEO

I feel honored as the CEO to lead SALAM Initiative. I extend my personal warmest greetings to all my fellow Muslim brothers and sisters and my friends […]