Meet our team

Amir Abu Sana

Project Manager (Volunteer)

Abu Sana, has been very active with various internationally recognized, registered humanitarian charities here in the UK and abroad. Over the years he has been privileged to work at all levels from front line conditions to managing entire humanitarian projects. This has enabled him to acquire sound knowledge and experience particularly in the areas of developing and monitoring objectives, having sound administrative systems in place to ensure checks and balances and compliance procedures are implemented.

Ali Dawah

Marketing Manager

Ali Dawah is an activist, international public speaker and prominent YouTuber who has achieved wide-scale popularity among Muslim communities in the West. He is engaged in community outreach work as well as polemics with people of different religious backgrounds. Ali is a student of comparative religion and, as such, has online releases which aim to raise awareness to mass audiences on such topics. He is also active in deconstructing extremist narratives, both far right and Islamic political extremism.

Abu Safiyyah

Shaykh and Researcher

Sh Mohammed Osman is an Islamic theologian, lecturer and teacher of Islamic studies who has taught in many international contexts in the West and the Middle-East. He graduated from Madinah Islamic University (KSA) with a BA Hons in Hadith & Islamic Sciences. The Shaykh has numerous Ijazat in various disciplines, such as Hanbali Jurisprudence and many books of Hadith. His prominent list of teachers includes Shaykh Dr Abdullah Al-Ghunayman, Sh AbdulMuhsin al-‘Abbad, Shaykh Dr Khalid Afeefi and many others. He is currently pursuing an MA in Usul al-Fiqh (Principles of Jurisprudence) from the International Islamic University of Malaysia. He has lead and directed multiple successful Islamic organisations in the UK and in multiple disciplines.

Shaykh Abdullah

Shaykh & Advisor (Volunteer)

Shaykh Abdullah brings multiple facets of skills set to the Salam Project. He is an Imam, a teacher, he has taught at several Muslim educational organisations as well as non Muslim organisations, including public schools and colleges. He also heads 2 of the Muslim welfare organisations as well as being an entrepreneur and a scientist in natural sciences. He grew up in Mecca as a child, there he studied multiple desciplines of traditional Islamic sciences under some of the renowned scholars of the Muslim world. He completed his higher education in natural sciences in the UK. He also memorised the Quran at a very young age and he at present leads Taraweeh prayers every Ramadan at an Islamic centre in London.

Mohammed Hijab

Researcher & Media Host

Mohammed Hijab is a debater and public speaker who engages in discussions and polemics on a wide variety of topics including religion, politics and society. He completed a Politics degree and a Masters in History from Queen Mary University. He has taught and instructed courses on humanities and languages in many contexts. He has numerous Ijazahs in some Islamic sciences and has studied in multiple Islamic seminaries including the Shinqeeti Institute which employs a traditional Mauritanian style of teaching the Sacred Sciences. Mohammed is currently doing further postgraduate research in Islamic studies at SOAS University of London.

Lauren Booth


Lauren Booth is an internationally recognised motivational speaker and presenter. Author of “Finding Peace in the Holy Land”. In 2019 she transferred her memoir into the critically acclaimed one woman show ‘Accidentally Muslim’. It brings Muslim experiences and Islamic tenets to non Muslim audiences.

Dawuud Kangudi Loka


Dawuud studied Fashion Business at London College of Fashion. Raised in Germany in a Congolese household, Dawuud was able to speak up to three languages. He travelled across the globe participating in da'wah initiatives. As an artist and creative he has been behind many online campaigns. He used to run the Internchange blog that would cover current affairs from a Islamic perspective. Dawuud is also the owner of the Fashion brand called Meezan that is sold internationally.

Mostafa Hijazi

Academic Instructor & Researcher (Volunteer)

Mostafa Hijazi is an educator, researcher, public speaker, and advocate for Islam. He has a B.S. and M.S. in Biomedical Engineering and also teaches as a Professor of Engineering Sciences at local colleges. He has studied at Mishkah University with Sh. Hatem Al-Haj, Sh. Muhammad Salah, and others. His areas of research include Islamic theology and philosophy, comparative religion, dawah, textual criticism, and Quranic studies Mostafa has held dawah workshops, Islamic dialogue events, and Friday sermons across the U.S. for the past 7 years. He is currently working on publishing his first book on Logical Fallacies pertaining to contemporary polemics and arguments encountered in the dawah field.