SALAM Initiative F.A.Q's

1Q. What is SALAM Initiative ?
S.A.L.A.M Initiative is an organisation which specialises in community outreach and educating the general public on Islam. While being an organisation which aims to produce content for all communities, S.A.L.A.M has a designated focus to new Muslims and newly practicing Muslims. Damaging media narratives which target Islam and Muslims and the resurgence of Islamic political extremist movements (as well as right wing political radicalism in recent years) has left many Muslims/non-Muslims confused as to what Islam is on a basic level. From this angle S.A.L.A.M attempts to ‘deconstruct false narratives and reconstruct purer mindsets.
2Q. What are the objectives of the SALAM project?
Our mission concentrates on five clear areas: 1- Deconstructing false narratives 2 - Reconstructing pure mindsets 3 - Challenging misconceptions of Islam 4 - Making an intellectual case for Islam 5 - SALAM aims to promote Islamic revival and cohesion within diverse Muslim communities by promoting the correct understanding based upon agreed principles These five clear areas translates into five organisational areas (see below).
3Q. What positive impact is SALAM having?
SALAM Initiative represents a unique shift in the presentation of Islam in the 21st century. Social media has become an important tool used to engage, influence and direct. Rather than utilise methods not essentially current and relevant, SALAM is at the forefront with contemporary online tools and approaches, used in such a way to construct and retake our narrative. The areas in which SALAM thrives to be a leading organisation are 5, based on our 5 key mission based targets: SALAM Studios SALAM + SALAM Publications SALAM International SALAM Training The above areas can be summarised succinctly into our strategic focus, which is in 3 specific areas: Online presence, development of callers to Islam and unprecedented, robust research. We believe strongly that covering these key areas in a professional, industry leading manner, coupled with God-consciousness and scholarly (both Islamic and Secular) guidance and counsel is imperative in furthering our vision and arguing a holistic case of Islam.
4Q. Is the project run by qualified and experienced teachers?
Please visit our ‘About Us’ page for more details. Shaykh Abu Safiyyah Mohammad Osman is an Islamic theologian, lecturer and teacher of islamic studies who has taught in many international contexts in the west and the middle-east. He graduated from Madinah Islamic University (KSA) with a BA Hons in Hadith & Islamic Sciences. The Shaykh has numerous Ijazat in various disciplines, such as Hanbali Jurisprudence and many books of Hadith, His prominent list of teachers includes Shaykh Dr Abdullah Al-Ghunayman, Sh AbdulMuhsin al-’Abdad, Shaykh Dr Khalid Afeefi and many others. He is currently pursuing an MA in Usul al-Fiqh (Principles of Jurisprudence) from the International islamic University of Malaysia. He has lead and directed multiple successful islamic organisations.
5Q. Are you funded or sponsored by any government entity (domestic or otherwise)?
6Q. How do you meet your ongoing running cost?
By the grace of Allah, at present our ongoing running costs are met by private patriots, the general public and our volunteers.
7Q. How do ensure there is no financial mismanagement?
We have adopted a vigorous financial control system, whereby every penny received and spent is accounted for. We have a 3 layer expense authorization process, whereby every penny to be spent goes through 3 different authorities before it can be made available. We are very conscious of the fact that peoples’ support is their trust upon us and we are collectively responsible for this trust.
8Q. Do you adhere to independent auditing of your finances?
We have employed the services of an independent accountant firm to audit all our financial responsibilities and ensure full financial accountability.