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22nd March 2019
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5th April 2019

10-day da’wah tour through Malaysia

During our trip to Malaysia S.A.L.A.M had the great opportunity

A meeting with the well-known Islamic personality Dr Zakir Naik; discussing various Dawah objectives and strategic aims and focuses.
SALAM team met Mufti Datuk Seri Dr. Mohammed Zulkifli al Bakri head of the federal states of Malaysia. There was a strategic meeting regarding how to deal with common interrogations relating to Islam and Human Rights, Islam and Atheism and so on. This session was an imperative strategic session that equipped the Mufti’s office with key arguments required to make an Islamic argument in public spaces.

SALAM also engaged in 3 workshops during our visit:

  1. “Dawah Training Crash Course”- Going through the fundamentals of Dawah and Q & A.
  2. 2 Day Iman Revival Workshop – “If You Only Knew Him: The Beautiful Names of Allah.”
  3. “Equality Or Equity” – A seminar tackling the ideology of feminism and the Islamic concept of Feminism
  4. “What You Don’t Know About God”- A seminar covering divine justice.

In the streets of Dataran Merdeka we interacted interfaith dialogue with both locals and tourists alike. During our tour we engaged with a debate and Alhamdulilah we were blessed with someone converting to Islam.

S.A.L.A.M Initiative
S.A.L.A.M Initiative
S.A.L.A.M Initiative is an organisation which specialises in community outreach and educating the general public on Islam. While being an organisation which aims to produce content for all communities, S.A.L.A.M has a designated focus to new Muslims and newly practicing Muslims. Damaging media narratives which target Islam and Muslims and the resurgence of Islamic political extremist movements (as well as right wing political radicalism in recent years ) has left many Muslims/non-Muslims confused as to what Islam is on a basic level. From this angle S.A.L.A.M attempts to ‘deconstruct false narratives and reconstruct purer mindsets.