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1st October 2018
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12th January 2019

The SALAMCast podcast

The S.A.L.A.M Team is pleased to announce that it has launched it’s brand new SALAMCast podcast. Home of the SALAM’s leading podcast, this relatively new show – streamed on both YouTube and other audio platforms (such as Spotify, Soundcloud etc) has garnered much traction with popular, influential guests such as: Mufti Menk, Lauren Booth, Eddie Redzovic and many other esteemed guest.

You can watch our new podcast on our website, via our youtube channel and even download the podcasts on Spotify and Soundcloud.

All episodes will be uploaded on our new podcast page:

We launched our podcast with Episode 1 where the SALAM Team (Sh Abu Safiyyah Mohammed Osman, Mohammed Hijab and Ali Dawah) review Br Mohammed Hijab’s recent debate with an ardent, popular detractor of Islam.



S.A.L.A.M Initiative
S.A.L.A.M Initiative
S.A.L.A.M Initiative is an organisation which specialises in community outreach and educating the general public on Islam. While being an organisation which aims to produce content for all communities, S.A.L.A.M has a designated focus to new Muslims and newly practicing Muslims. Damaging media narratives which target Islam and Muslims and the resurgence of Islamic political extremist movements (as well as right wing political radicalism in recent years ) has left many Muslims/non-Muslims confused as to what Islam is on a basic level. From this angle S.A.L.A.M attempts to ‘deconstruct false narratives and reconstruct purer mindsets.