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3rd December 2015
On Morality: The Union Of The Prophet (PBUH) With Ā’isha
27th September 2018

Statement from CEO

I feel honored as the CEO to lead SALAM Initiative. I extend my personal warmest greetings to all my fellow Muslim brothers and sisters and my friends in humanity at large. As citizens of this world, we all share a common vision of living in peace, harmony and in cohesion with each other. This, in a nutshell, what SALAM Initiative is about.

We aim to use various modern popular mediums as well as producing ongoing academic works in order to remove misconceptions about Islam that exist in our minds and hearts often due to ignorance and distorted information and restore them with the correct established understanding based on reason, logic, and sound practices by consensus.

At SALAM Initiative we have established a unique team, a team that consists of different age groups, a team that is driven by passion, dedication, and focus. These individuals have made their own personal sacrifices in order to be part of this great initiative.

We as a SALAM Initiative team, collectively worked incredibly hard over the past many months in establishing a sound foundation for the project following a well-planned process from inception to a fully functioning model.  We have managed to do this firstly by the grace and help of Almighty God and secondly by the help and support of our family, friends, and well-wishers.

We are now ready to move onto our next phase of development, we have a number of initiatives lined up to be developed further, they will be of a great benefit for our community and society at large, many of these initiatives not only tackle false narrative here at home but also internationally.

I would like to make a personal request to every one of you, Muslims and Non-Muslims anyone who shares our vision of peace, harmony, and cohesion to please join us and support us in our efforts to remove barriers that come in our way that creates disharmony, division, and suspicion. Let ‘s work towards peace, unity, and understanding so we can create a better world for the generations to come after us.

SALAM Initative
S.A.L.A.M Initiative
S.A.L.A.M Initiative
S.A.L.A.M Initiative is an organisation which specialises in community outreach and educating the general public on Islam. While being an organisation which aims to produce content for all communities, S.A.L.A.M has a designated focus to new Muslims and newly practicing Muslims. Damaging media narratives which target Islam and Muslims and the resurgence of Islamic political extremist movements (as well as right wing political radicalism in recent years ) has left many Muslims/non-Muslims confused as to what Islam is on a basic level. From this angle S.A.L.A.M attempts to ‘deconstruct false narratives and reconstruct purer mindsets.