3rd February 2021

Social Atheism and the Pakistani Atheist!

Snippet taken from Hamza Tzortzis’s exclusive course on SALAM+: Refuting Atheism- A Practical Approach: Hamza Andreas Tzortis provides a compelling case for the rational and spiritual […]
10th January 2021


An exclusive series brought to you by SALAM and in cooperation with Muslim Welfare House and Rahmah Foundation, which explores the lofty stature of Prophet Muhammad […]
12th December 2020

Exclusive On Set English Interview with Ertugrul: Ethics & Ottoman history

Lauren Booth on the set of the hit Netflix series ‘Ertugrul’ talks to the director Metin Gunay and lead actor Engin Altan Düzyatan about on set […]

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Deconstructing False Narratives

S.A.L.A.M attempts to deconstruct false narratives and reconstruct purer mindsets.

Reconstructing Pure Mindsets

S.A.L.A.M attempts to unpack Western ideologies and compare/contrast them with Islamic ones.

Challenging Misconceptions of Islam

In addition to this S.A.L.A.M attempts to simplify Islamic teachings for easy comprehension.

Promoting Islamic Revival and Cohesion

SALAM aims to promote Islamic revival and cohesion within diverse Muslim communities by promoting the correct understanding based upon agreed principles .

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S.A.L.A.M+ - Our Free Online Learning Portal!

S.A.L.A.M + is a leading online learning platform that focuses on social sciences, we provide prestige software, technology and professional skills to achieve a deep, critical understanding in each social sciences. Through this software we provide professional, academic courses focused mainly on major Western Ideologies and comparative religions. SALAM+ is a project of the S.A.L.A.M Initiative.

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