The Islamophobia industry gets $200 Million per year just to attack Islam. Will the Muslims support the deen for 0.10% of that? Unfortunately, we are fighting an uphill battle! If we do not get the necessary funds we cannot continue.

Deconstructing False Narratives

S.A.L.A.M attempts to deconstruct false narratives and reconstruct purer mindsets.

Reconstructing Pure Mindsets

S.A.L.A.M attempts to unpack Western ideologies and compare/contrast them with Islamic ones.

Challenging Misconceptions of Islam

In addition to this S.A.L.A.M attempts to simplify Islamic teachings for easy comprehension.

Promoting Islamic Revival and Cohesion

SALAM aims to promote Islamic revival and cohesion within diverse Muslim communities by promoting the correct understanding based upon agreed principles .

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  • Jumuah Friday Sunnah
  • With another episode of SALAMCast releasing today a quick throwback
  • YYT Ramadan Youth Iftar 2019 tomorrow inshaallah! Its back again!
  • Available only to Oxford Brookes and oxford university students only
  • May Allah allow us to implement this in our lives
  • Our newest team member in NYC Mustafa Hijazi will be
  • May Allah allow us to have a productive Ramadan ramadan2019

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